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Hire and retain the very best with Talent Acquisition Technology from ERC Dataplus and United Screening.

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Find the best people, trim your time to hire, improve regulatory compliance and efficiency, and generate maximum hiring tax tax credits - all from a simple dashboard. With ERC’s Selectech® suite of talent acquisition management tools, you get an ATS that is modular and scaleable to YOUR needs, with pre-integrated tools such as:


Your career site is the first impression you make on the talent you want - build a strong hiring brand with salaried and hourly prospects, as well as current employees. Easy-to-use for both applicants and administrators; available in multiple languages.


Define the process in terms of the positions you need filled. Optional requisition approval settings engage as many decision-makers as needed. Post to HUNDREDS of job boards with just a few clicks.


With our tools, recruiters efficiently manage internal and external applicant pools, as well as communicate with hiring managers. Eliminate phone tag: online calendarizing lets you block out interview times AND communicate dates to interviewees.


Go paperless! Improve compliance and get new hires up to speed fast with digital signatures and electronic form processing.


Pre-Hire Tax Credit Screening Module

With pre-hire tax credit evaluation built into your ATS, your HR team can generate revenue. Hire knowing that you’ll get every dollar available, thanks to the unprecedented integration of ERC’s Selectech ATS and the top-rated tax screening processes of our partner, TaxBreak LLC.

Background Screening Module

Education, certifications, credit records, criminal history, drug testing - wise employers know they can’t take chances with background screening. The Selectech system is pre-integrated with background screening from United Screening Services. Applicants “sign” off on-screen to authorize a search; HR tracks comprehensive results from one dashboard, one system.

Assessments Module

Once you’ve screened for qualifications, assess for quality. Validated by our psychologists and refined over 16 years for thousands of applicants in hundreds of roles, our assessments are scored automatically in real time. You interview with depth and hire with the confidence that you are bringing on the most qualified employees!

Form I-9 management Module

Incomplete records and lack of compliance can cost your company hefty fines and penalties! Automated processing reduces your risk. With Selectech, you gather essential data from your desktop. Factor in eVerify and Form I-9 management, plus OFCCP/EEOC compliance tools, and efficiency becomes reality.


Audio and video support helps HR administrators create job descriptions and requisitions, authorize additional users, and more. Want to talk with a “live” person? We provide phone support 24/7!

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